Funny Cat Stick Frisbee Toy Gun

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Easy to Play with Cats
First step, please install the propeller at the yellow head of the toy. Second step, wind up the toy by turning the propeller in a clockwise for two or three times. Finally, you can press the yellow trigger forward the direction you wanted and the propeller will fly out. Certainly it's novel and highly efficient to play with your pet cat!

interactive cat toy

Reliable Quality
The cat tracking toys are made of high quality plastic material with various colors and durable for daily use. The toys are non-toxic and safe for the pets. The propellers are also bite resistant and abrasion resistant.

cat fetch toy

More Combination for Play
The 3 cat toy launcher are mainly blue. Each one is equipped 4 propeller with various bright colors, which can catch the attention of your pets in a second.

cat dog toys

Wise Gift for Pets and Yourself
The interactive cat toy set can exercise your cat's hunting tracking chasing training by playing and create more intimacy between you and cats. The toys also can help your cats keep healthy and avoid obesity. For you, you can relax and enjoy by playing with your cats. It's the happiest time when you spend time with your cats together!